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Suspected Rapist of Seven-year-old Girl Arrested

May 22, 2008, 5:14 AM

Alasan Jallow, a 23-year-old shopkeeper of Guinean nationality, was on Sunday arrested for alleged rape. Mr Jallow is said to live in the same compound in Kololi as the victim. Sources said the suspect took advantage of the absence of the young girl's mother who travelled to Senegal, after having gone scot-free in the first instance.

Last Sunday however he was caught red-handed in his room with the small girl.

Meanwhile medical sources said the girl had been deflowered earlier than the day in question. Alasan Jallow is currently in detention at Kotu Police Station.

The frequency of rape incidents have become a source of worry to many in recent times, the more so as the victims are more often than not innocent young girls.