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Supposed marabout opens defence

Dec 13, 2010, 12:26 PM | Article By: Yai Dibba-Jallow

Cherno Leigh, a supposed marabout and resident of Brikama Jamisa, recently opened his defence at the Brikama Magistrates' Court before Principal Magistrate Kemo Ceesay.

In his testimony, Leigh says he is a marabout who does work for those who want to have a husband or wife.

"On 4th November 2010, I went to the Brikama market where I met with the complainant, Aja Dumbuya, and told her that I had some clothes to sell," he explained.

The complainant, the marabout added, asked him whether he had not stolen the clothes, and he told her he is a marabout who works for people for pay.

"The complainant later told me that she had a problem, and that she needed me to help her, and she demanded my number and said she would call me after her working hours from the market," he added.

Leigh further told the court that, later in the evening, the complainant called him and said she wanted to see him, and he asked his wife to go and receive the complainant from the highway.

"She (the complainant) came and told me to do some marabout work for her, and I charged her D10," Leigh explained, adding that he told the complainant that she would need to 'clean' her body, because her body was 'dirty'.

"The complainant told me that she has a co-wife whom she did not want to stay with in the same compound, and she asked me to help her to drive away the co-wife from the compound, because she 'disturbs' her a lot," the marabout further told the court.

"I told the complainant that it will cost her D20,000, and she said she could not afford that amount of money, but she could pay D15,000," he adduced.

"I gave her some liquid water for her to go and give it to her co-wife, Wuday Sillah, to drink for them to come to terms, but not to remove her from the compound," he told the court.

He said that few days later, the complainant came back to him and told him that the co-wife had now started to come to her house to chat, and that was not what she told him to do.

"The complainant told me that I should return her money or else she would take me to the police station. After two weeks, the complainant took me to the police station," he said.

The case was at that juncture adjourned for continuation.