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Supposed Babylon Alkalo Cross-examined

May 15, 2009, 5:44 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba & Binta Fatty

The supposed alkalo of Babylon who is the first prosecution witness in the much-publicised ongoing Babylon case, was on Wednesday cross-examined by Lawyer Momodou Benteng Mboge, who is holding brief for Lawyer Antouman Gaye.

Under cross-examination, Lamin Jarjue, the man at the centre of the predicament maintained that he is not the Alkalo of Babylon.

"No I am not the Alkalo," he said.

"Then who is the Alkalo?" asked Lawyer Mboge.

"I don't know, I am just a community leader," he answered.

"Who made you the community leader?" Lawyer Mboge further asked."

"Because I give land to the people, that's why I am called community leader," he answered.

"Lamin Jarju you have mentioned that you gave plots of land to the people; how many people did you give?" Lawyer Mboge asked.

"It's about 200 people," he said.

"What are the sizes of the plots?"

"20x20 and 25x25."

"The people you gave the land to, did they pay rates?"

"Yes they pay the local rates. I collect it and pay it to Area Council".

"Who gave you the authority?"

"I was given authority by the Area Council".

"Lamin Jarju did you have the stamp when giving land?"

"Yes, I got the stamp from my father, Bakary Jarju."

"Was he the Alkalo?"

"I don't know".

"Lamin Jarju I am finally putting it to you that you created all this problem."

"No, they caused the problem because they came to my house to attack me."

Asked whether he was dismissed from the army, he answered in the negative. He maintained that he resigned after serving 5 years. 

"I am putting to you that you were arrested by one Mamina or Sheriff, a police officer, at Mandinaba with drugs," Lawyer Mboge said.

"That is not true. I don't know Mamina and I was never arrested by any police officers concerning drugs, Mr. Jarju maintained.

"Why did you leave the army?"

"I resigned."

Still under cross-examination, Lawyer Buba Bojang, prosecuting, asked Mr. Jarju whether he was ever convicted in connection with any criminal matter, he answered in the negative.

"Did anybody complain to the Area Council that you ever collected their tax and never paid it in?"

"No," he answered.

Also cross-examined by Lawyer Mboge was one Ebou Fofana.

"Who gave you the piece of land in Babylon?" Lawyer Mboge asked him.

"Lamin Jarju gave it to me."

"When he gave you the land did he stamp it?"

"Yes he did."

"Is he the Alkalo?"


"Is it true that only the Alkalo gives land to people?'

"I never know."

"Mr. Fofana you mentioned in your evidence that Lamin told you that the Kerewan and Makumbaya people are having a meeting at Dawda Jarju's compound. I am putting it to you that there was no meeting at Dawda Jarju's compound."

"Yes there was," Mr. Fofana maintained.

"You said you saw Bulli Jarju dropping something into the well and it was boiling?"

"Yes," he answered.

"I am putting it to you that it is not true?"

"Of course it is true."

"You said somebody hit you with a cutlass?"

"Yes," he answered.

"I am putting it to you that no one hit you with a cutlass," Lawyer Mboge added.

"Of course somebody hit me," he replied.

The case was at that juncture adjourned until Wednesday and Thursday of next week.
Lawyer Mboge was holding brief for Lawyer Antouman Gaye who is defending the 32 people involved in the case. The 32 are charged with arson, willful damage to property, and carrying firearms in public.