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Comium Feeds More People

Sep 29, 2008, 6:32 AM | Article By: Nfamra Jawneh

The surprise was a superb Iftar (fast breaking) all paid for by Comium. The meal, the second of its kind to be organised by the GSM operator, was held at Bambo junction in Serre Kunda.

Speaking to The Point at the occasion, Ya Saine Gaye Comium's Communication Officer, expressed her company's pleasure in catering for the needy. "We at Comium assures that we are here for everybody as you can see we are not only serving our customers but everybody irrespective of the company they subscribe to," she said. Comium, she said, is all about innovations. "As you know we always lead and others follow. It's only Comium that's doing this among all GSM operators in this country, which is, meant to give back to our customers and we will never fail to deliver," she added.

With Comium, she said, people should always expect more goodies, revealing that Comium has already catered for over seven hundred people at their own expense.

For his part, Modou Lamin Jammeh, a resident of London Corner also a beneficiary, thanked Comuim for the meal. "I enjoyed the meal and we are praying for the company to grow bigger and bigger," he said.

For one Ebrima Jaiteh, a Guinean national residing in Latri Kunda German,the meal was a pleasant surprise for him. " I was rushing to get home to get some thing to eat and I suddenly found something to eat for which am not paying for. So I am very grateful to Comium. In fact, I didn't have Comium sim before but just because of this meal I will go in for one tomorrow morning," he said.

Mrs. Horija Jallow of Nema Kunku described the services offered by Comium as second to none in the country. She also hailed the GSM Company for the Iftar. "Food is essential in life and the one who offers you with it to me is the who loves and cares for you most," she said.