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Supporting Local Industry

Mar 5, 2009, 4:43 AM

Well done to all the people at Banjul Breweries who have been involved in the manufacture and marketing to the new product line which has hit the streets of The Gambia in recent days.

The Youki Brand, a product of Castel Groupe in Paris, who owns about 50 breweries around Africa, is among other things aimed at meeting the expectation of the seemingly increasing consumers of Banjul Breweries products.

Apart from Vimto, Cocktail, Malta and others, Banjul Breweries now have in their flavours, the Youki Grapefruit, which is exactly like the old bitter lemon, we have the Youki Pineapple, which is a new flavour, the Youki Lemonade, which is a bit sweeter and Youki Soda water.

While customers will no doubt enjoy these new flavours there is also the important issue of the manufacture of these products her in the Gambia to be considered.

It is essential as we continue on our road to national development that we ensure that as much as possible we keep jobs here in The Gambia and create them here also rather than importing products from abroad.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, held at the Banjul Breweries premises, Mr. Thibault De Laplagnolle, country sales and marketing manager, said with these new products, Banjul Breweries is hoping to show its will to help the local market and then sustain the local economy.

We laud them for this wonderful gesture and urge everyone to support local industry through supporting all those at Banjul Breweries and drinking their products. "We could have imported the products from other breweries in other countries, but we decided to produce it locally in order to sustain the local economy," he said.

This laudable effort should be supported by all.