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Support leaders in the making

Aug 30, 2010, 3:00 PM

It is a general belief that children are the future leaders of any society. This makes it an obligation on the society to support and train them to facilitate their programmes as leaders in the making.

It is important to note that a good leadership start from a tender age, which would never be possible without the society shaping the way.

There are many rotten societies around the globe in this 21st century as a result of societies neglect to children in shaping a better way for them to follow.

For example, where there are wars and brutal killings especially of the young ones, with high crime rates for many years, those children who grew up under such circumstances and become leaders will definitely have no other choice than to make wars and commit crimes. Because that's what the society teaches them and that's what they understand.

It is therefore our responsibility to lead the youths wisely for them to become mores responsible in future.

In fact, it is an obligation on parents, governments and the larger society to shape a good way of life for our children who will be in the leadership mantle tomorrow.

For this reason, we want to salute all those child friendly institutions that stand for the welfare of our youth. However, we urge you not to stop at sponsoring the children but to also care about their overall wellbeing thus protecting them from all forms of violence.

The national youth council should also try not to be found wanting in proper co-ordination of youth programmes in the country.  Young people need more realistic job opportunities to make them contribute to nation building.

This will help our children to display their talents and show out the skills they posses.

If only when given opportunity young people can deliver up to expectation.