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Suba ward councilor opens defence

Aug 11, 2014, 10:03 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba

Yaya Bojang, councilor for Suba ward in Kombo Central, recently opened his defence at the Brikama Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Nyima Samateh.

The accused persons are Lamin Jarju, councillor for Marakisa ward, Yaya Bojang, councillor for Suba ward, Bakary Jarju, Abdou Jarju, the former MP, Lamin Kulo Jatta, Dawda Njai and Juma Ceesay.

They were alleged to have on 25 June 2013, at Busura Village, conducted themselves in a manner likely to cause the breach of the peace.

While Dawda Njai and Juma Ceesay were further alleged to have on the same date, month, year and at the same village, incited others to take part at the meeting ground in Busura village, which was calculated to bring physical injury.

In his defence testimony, Yaya Bojang told the court he is the councilor for Suba ward in Kombo Central under the APRC party and that he knew Lamin Jarju, councilor for Marakisa ward.

According to him, all the accused persons are APRC supporters, adding that he and his co-accused persons did not conduct themselves in a manner likely to cause the breach of the peace

He said on 25 June 2013, he was informed by the area council that the President was going to Busura on a meet-the-people tour.

He said the area council further told them he needed fuel for the vehicle to take him and his people to the meeting at Busura village.

He said after taking the fuel from the area council, he and his people left to the meeting at Busura village and upon their arrival at Busura, they found a lot of APRC members waiting for the President.

He said that later the President arrived and the meeting started at the arena, adding that while he was sitting with one of his friends, he saw a group of people who came and wanted to enter into the arena.

He said Lamin Jarju, one of the accused persons, and some security stopped them to avoid problem.

He said he did not hear Lamin singing any slogans, neither writing anything on papers, adding that Lamin is a very responsible person.

He said that later he was inside the arena and he met with a man who told him he should go and answer to the place where the President was.

He said he thought they called him to go and present to the President T-shirts brought by his ward, adding that upon his arrival, the man pointed to the Inspector General of Police that he, the accused person, was part of the problem.

The Inspector General of Police ordered the OC to arrest him, the accused, and take him to the Brikama Police Station, he said.

He added that he asked them what the problem was and the OC told him that if he reached the station, he would know and at the police station, the police did not tell him what he did; instead he told him it was a directive.

The matter was adjourned till 14 August 2014.