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Students in Turkey assure president-elect of ‘unflinching support’

Dec 27, 2016, 11:54 AM

The Association of Gambian Students in Turkey (AGAST) has written a letter expressing unflinching support to President-elect Barrow Barrow and his incoming government, and also emphasised that the will of the people should be respected.

Below is the full statement: 

The Association of Gambian Students in Turkey (AGAST) is the umbrella association for Gambian students pursuing higher education in the Republic of Turkey. Since its inception in 2010, the association is committed to strengthening brotherhood and unity, through counseling services on educational matters, cultural exchange programs, capacity building and provision of loans to needy Gambian students across Turkey.

We would like to congratulate the Gambian people for making their voices heard through a credible and fair election on December 1, and for safeguarding peace and tranquility throughout the election period culminating into the voting into office of President-elect Adama Barrow.

However, as concerned young Gambians who wish to take part in national development, we wish to express our deepest concerns over the current state of affairs in the Gambia after the outgoing president Jammeh rejected the outcome of the polls. The will of the people should be respected and any act of force that may threaten the peaceful co-existence of the Gambian populace should be avoided at all times.

Furthermore, we are pleading with our brothers and sisters in the security forces to jealously safeguard the peace and tranquility for which our beloved Gambia is known.

We wish to assure president-elect Barrow and his incoming government of our unflinching support towards his quest to usher the birth of a new Gambia, where young people shall take the center stage in decision-making processes and contribute meaningfully to the development of our country.


Yours faithfully,


Gaye Saho.

Assistant Sec. General