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Stella Maris Women Celebrate 4th Anniversary

Nov 26, 2009, 11:25 AM | Article By: Manlafie Badjie

The Catholic Women's Association of the Stella Maris Parish recently celebrated its four years of existence, at the Holy Family Church near the Stadium.

Celebrating the 4th anniversary of Catholic Women's Association during the feast of Christ the King, Fr. Louis T. Mendy CSSp spoke on the importance and reasons for the establishment of the feast of Christ the King.

 "It is to call all Christians to attention to know Christ as our King. It came about in the 20th century, a century that has witnessed a lot of things. Many people and countries have turned to paganism, either being forced or due to technology, some can't wear the cross etc. It was for this that Pope Pius instituted the feast of Christ the King as a reminder that of what Christ has done"he said.

Comparing 20th Century leaders to Christ's Fr. Louis said, today's leaders will expect citizens to die for the country but Christ died instead died for the world.

He said "We should live our Christian life every day and today we are thanking the Lord. Christians have two citizenship, that of the land and that of God. And He gave us two commands, to love our neighbours as ourselves," he said.

Addressing the women, Fr. Mendy CSSp said problems are meant to happen and even death cannot be an escape route from problem.

"Resentment should lead no one to sin and the sunset must not find anyone angry. It is a group that builds everything, starting from church, family and it a group that prays," he said.

Fr. Mendy urged all to forget their problems and misunderstanding and come to join their friends.