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St. Mary's Church Gives To Archdeacon Memorial School

Jul 1, 2009, 9:38 AM

St. Mary's Church Hellesdon in the U.K recently donated learning and teaching materials, such as library books, pencils, exercise books, sharpeners, erasers, brushes, files, markers, pens, glue and rulers to Archedacon Matthais George Memorial Nursery and Primary School.

Rev. Father Jimmy Cole, the Priest-in-charge, who received the donated items, commended St. Mary's Church Hellesdon for what he described as a timely gesture. He said the donated materials would be put to good use.

For her part, Mrs. Mary Peacock appreciated the efforts of St. Mary's Church, Hellesdon, Norwich UK's partnership "in making the school what it is, as a friend in development." She said since in the 90's, the church has been rendering support and assistance to the school.

"We are proud to say that the school has never run short of relevant learning materials since the church joined us", Mrs. Peacock stated.

Also, speaking earlier, Mr. Momodou Jallow, the President of the Parent Teachers Association expressed gratitude to St. Mary's church for what he described as a goodwill gesture. He noted that the donation will immensely contribute to the development of the school.

"With continuous assistance, we are proud and can boost of a conducive learning environment", he concluded.