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St Kizito’s Choir held a joyous concert at the Jama hall

Nov 16, 2011, 2:53 PM | Article By: FR. EDU GOMEZ - Parish of the Resurrection, Brikama

The road that leads to Kairaba Beach and Senegambia hotel is always plied at night by people seeking entertainment of various kinds. On Friday 4th November 2011, many Christians sought this same route but for a choir concert entertainment by the St Kizito’s choir.

The St. Kizito’s choir is the maiden choir that animates the liturgical celebrations at St Kizito’s Church, Bakoteh. This choir was established at the inauguration of the church in 1992.  The Church’s inauguration and dedication was done after the memorable visit of the Late Pope John Paul II to The Gambia in February 1992. The Church has been one of the fastest growing Church in The Gambia with a very dedicated and enthusiastic large number of parishioners.

This year’s choir concert was the tenth they had been holding annually at the Jama Hall of the Kairaba Beach Hotel. On that faithful night of the 4th November many people especially Christian youths from various parishes from Banjul to Brikama arrived smartly dressed. The choir concert began late as it is always the case with all choirs. Mr. Geoffery Renner was the announcer and Master of Ceremonies for the night. He showed to his audience that night that he was equally talented in animation as well as in Accounting and Auditing.  Mr. Renner was full of humour as he kept everybody alive with his jokes and remarks which was very fitting for the occasion.

The Choir sang various hymns, traditional tribal songs and even orchestra songs that moved people to dance and come out to dash out their monies. The various groups that sang in parts were marvelous together with the organist, Valdano Lopez.

Valdano is a versatile organist who had played the organ in different forms. He was crowned as the artist of the night when he led the choir to sing an orchestra song called, “Maria Chantal”.  During the song he could be seen playing the organ and later had to leave it to come out and lead the choir into a Latino dance like salsa dance.

The singing was memorable and all who attended had a joyous night well spent without being bored. The youthful attendance made the night very lively and colourful. Many were singing and dancing dressed in their best dresses. From observation it was as if concert nights are the best outings for most of the Christian youths.

Without negative criticism some young ladies need to be cautioned for improper short dresses that exposed them too much. Perhaps this should be the only message to be sent home for our Christian youths for them to be aware of it. This medium of Christian Panorama may serve the means through which the improper dressing of our youths can be addressed to save them from unforeseen immoral accidents like rape and sexual harassment.

The choir concert night was held for a dual purpose. First it was for entertainment but also to mark the tenth anniversary of the arrival of their hard working choir master, Mr. Augustine Diouf coming from Senegal to join them. It was mentioned that Augustine helped transformed the choir to what it is today. The choir in its standards now has gone past some of the older renowned choirs in the country. The St Kizito’s choir amazingly sang the concert without holding any files. They were a surprise to people as they mastered by head all the songs that they sang on that concert night.

From the Christian Panorama, we want to congratulate St Kizito’s choir and pray that they continue to work hard. The whole issue of choir concerts is worthwhile and it is an ambience.