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Sports development

Oct 18, 2012, 10:16 AM

As stated in this and many other columns, many a time, in order for us to develop sports in the country there must be mutual understanding and concerted efforts by all stakeholders.

Forums such as the recently-concluded two-day National Dialogue on Sports Development organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports could play a pivotal role.

Bringing together representatives of the various sporting associations and other stakeholders in the field of sports development is a move critical for developing sports.

Sports cannot develop in any country when the stakeholders are not seeing things in the same or similar directions.

We, therefore, use this forum to urge all Gambians to put aside their individual differences and work together for the development of Gambian sports.

The assertions and counter claims cannot help sports development, thus the need to focus more efforts on building and developing sports.

We need to put our heads together for the development of sports and bring in tangible proposals to the sports authorities for their consideration.

We cannot keep on dragging our feet while time keeps going. We must keep moving to take our sports to higher levels.

While we are not trying to condemn any one or group for their actions and public statements, we must take cognisance of the fact that it is always good to criticise, especially when it is genuine and also comes with suggestions on the way forward.