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Sports Council sets criteria for endorsement of national sports associations

Jun 21, 2012, 2:33 PM

Following the dissolution of 21 national sporting associations by the National Sports Council this week, the Council has now laid criteria for all associations to be met to get endorsement as a national sport association.

As part of the criteria, all national sports associations must have at least 8 clubs to meet the required standard of a national sports association in The Gambia, national sports associations must cover at least four regions/municipalities to decentralize their activities, must be able to organise national championship.

The national sports associations must also affiliate to their parent bodies, must pay affiliation fee of D1,000 (one thousand dalasis) annually to the National Sports Council, they are required to manifest their affliction to the National Sports Council and their parent bodies annually.

The National Sports Council further stated that associations are required to conduct their AGM and congress as stipulated in their constitution and National Sports Council shall monitor their progress and shall submit end-of-year report and statement of account to the National Sports Council.

All national sports associations are required to submit their National/International calendar of activities annually, associations and clubs must obtain clearance letter from the National Sports Council before traveling out of the country for international competitions. These criteria, according to the NSC, must be observed by regional sports committees.

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