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Soninkara Super Cup set for today

Jan 9, 2015, 11:54 AM

The organising committee of the annual Soninkara Youth Football Championship has announced that its Super Cup will take place today Friday9th January 9 2015 at the Serekunda East Mini Stadium.

The game to be played between Garowol and Gambissara, and will kick off at 4 pm, added the press release.

“This football championship continues to be an annual tournament designed to complement the efforts of the Gambia Football Federation to promote grassroots football, good health and unity within the young people and to promote football, especially at community level”, further stated the release.

“We are proud to state that last year’s tournament has attracted over 40,000 people and this year we are anticipating seeing more than that number of people”, it went on.

The football committee in conclusion took the opportunity to thank the sports journalists “for their tremendous efforts in strengthening and supporting our games through disseminating relevant information to the general public.”