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Something perfect to wear this summer

Jul 29, 2010, 2:04 PM | Article By: Isatou Dumbuya

Once school is closed, young people are in a haste to catch up with fashion again. They make visits to the market and every shop to find what is new, flashy, trendy, comfortable, cheap and what will be comfortable to wear around this summer. By nature, every one wants to keep up with fashion especially when the beach becomes a usual siesta and meeting-old-time friends-place, we want to look our best.

Most times, people like me want what we wear to communicate with the admirers. Usually the patterns on my dress, be it polka dots, stripped or tiger spots and my taste for colours help me find the perfect fabric to sew and wear or the perfect ready-made outfit that would make heads turn again.

According to Ezine Articles, the best summer outfits would be in communication with nature. Since summer is the season of flowers, the attire might have a floral print. Some chic flower bouquets on a linen dress would leave the impression of a summer holiday and add some cheerfulness to the wearier. It is as if you would be running on a field full of wonderful flowers.

What they forget to know is that this summer we should go in for the cheapest and cotton-like clothes to allow in air, because we are in the rainy season coupled with very hot sun.

Now that we know that High temperature, hot weather, dazzling sun are just some of the characteristics of a summer time then flirty, cotton dresses and Mary Jane shoes are the perfect outfits.

Drinking a lot of water during summer time becomes of us, but by nature we eventually succumb to linen or cotton clothes. When you are a Hijaab like I am, don't give up, you can still wear flirty cotton dresses with some simple jeans or linen trousers that will give a comfortable look and it is not only the look. They are ideal for a summer day anytime this time of the year.

Whether a more natural look is what is expected from your clothes, Mary Jane slippers and flirty cotton dresses would leave you looking stunned after looking in the mirror and an impression of a fabulous look. This feeling will have you warming up your legs for a walk on the beach.