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Solar lights for Jafai Kuta village

Jan 11, 2016, 11:31 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

ComAfrique InverSol Initiative (CII) has recently distributed 40 solar lights in Jafai Kuta village in Central River Region under its ‘Light up a village’ programme.

The lights were sponsored by St Botolph Boston Rotary Club through the Gambia Experience Community Development Fund.

The donors said the lights will provide the much needed illumination for the villagers as they can perform necessary tasks during the evening or night and the children will be able to study up to late hours.

Tida Fatty, president of the village light committee, said Jafai Kuta village Lighting Committee is responsible for the management and maintenance of the lights in the village.

The committee will also ensure the sustainability of the programme the village inhabitants will be charged a token as usage for the light.

She said every user of the light will pay D2 per day per light.The monies will be collected and managed by the Jafai Kuta village Lighting Committee.

Mrs Fatty said the fund will be used to replace solar light batteries every 2 – 3 years and eventually replace the lights after 6 years.

“Every 6 years, Jafai Kuta will have a small surplus fund from the ZonLight Fund that they can use for development of the village,” she said.

Lamin Drammeh, treasurer of the Light Committee, said the contributions are an important part of the light initiative.

“If we wish to enjoy this light and the benefits it gives for as long as possible, I would like to tell all the users of the lights to pay their contributions on time,” he said.

Madi Cassama, secretary of the Light Committee, thanked the Rotary Club of St Botolph, Boston, UK and the Gambia Experience for their contributions towards the development of Jafai Kuta village.

Kuta Janka, Jafai Kuta village light beneficiary, said the light will give his family some relief from a life in the dark.

“We will be able to share some family time at night where we can tell stories and enjoy the laughter and build stronger family ties,” she said.

The ComAfrique InverSol Initiative has since 2009 brought light to 42 villages in The Gambia and has provided light to 50 rural primary health centres in The Gambia.