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Social security presents health equipment to Bansang hospital

Aug 25, 2015, 10:57 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah in Bansang

Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) recently donated health equipment to Bansang hospital in Central River Region south to help improve health service delivery in the region.

The equipment included oxygen concentrators, pulse oxygen meters, and electronic blood pressure worth D122,500.They were to be distributed within the pediatric ward of the hospital.

The materials were presented at a ceremony held at Matie House conference hall in Bansang and presided over by Governor Alhaji Omar Khan.

Speaking at the presentation, David D.L. Mendy, senior public relations assistant of SSHFC, said the corporation “places high premium” on health, which is why it has been their priority for social investment.

He assured the hospital authorities that SSHFC would “do anything within its capacity” to contribute to improving and enhancing government’s efforts in the provision of quality health service in the country.

Mr Mendy, however, warned that the equipment should be properly handled for longevity so it could serve as many patients as possible.

Receiving the donated items, Governor Omar Khan who is also the board chairperson of Bansang hospital, noted that the relationship between SSHFC and Bansang hospital has been long-standing.

Bansang hospital is a very important health facility not only for Gambians but also for non-Gambians in the area, he said.

He assured the donors that the donated equipment would be put into good use to meet the desired objective.

For his part, Baba Jeng, chief executive officer of Bansang hospital, said the donation came at “the right time”.

“The equipment are highly needed in the pediatric ward,” he added.

With the donated materials, Mr Jeng, said the number of referrals from the Bansang hospital to Banjul would be reduced, which would also reduce the cost for patients and their escorts.

The CEO said the hospital “is doing everything possible” to ensure quality healthcare service is available at all times.

Babucarr Saine, the hospital administrator, thanked SSHFC for “the timely intervention” as the materials are highly needed for quality healthcare service delivery at the hospital.

He said the equipment “are in good hands” and the hospital administration would keep track of them to ensure they are used for the rightful purpose.