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Social and behavioral change caravan tours Foni

Oct 25, 2019, 12:26 PM | Article By: Fatou B. Cham

Tuesday  22nd October 2019 Issue

The Social and Behavioral Change caravan on Friday sensitized Kalagi, Berefet, Sibanor and Sintetcommunities on food fortification and micronutrient consumption.

The nationwide tour is a component of the European Union funded project “Improving Food Security and Nutrition in The Gambia through Food Fortification”.

The project is aimed at improving the nutritional and health status of vulnerable populations from micronutrient deficiencies throughout The Gambia, and specifically targets women, girls and children in the North Bank and Central River regions of The Gambia.

Jainaba Jallow, a native of Berefet said the caravan tour is important and timely since there is a quantity of food but then the food they consume is of low quality.”Pregnant women suffer from anaemia.That does not mean that theydon’t have vegetables that can prevent them from anaemia,” she said.

She agreed with the presenters that peoples’ behavior towards fortified food should be changed, adding that she personally has adopted the use of fortified food, which have been introduced to their community.

“Looking at us, you should be able to tell that we are healthy, and we have gone to the extent of even being responsible for the feeding program in our schools and this has contributed to the wellbeing of the kids,” she emphasised.

Madam Jallow explained that they have shared the seedlings that were introduced to their communities to other communities as well, while lamenting that both the leaf and fruits from those seedlings when planted can be used for consumption.

On arrival at Sintet, the villagers welcomed the new initiative but also complained that those fortified seedlings that have already been introduced into the country have not reached them and they are urging on NARI to intervene.

Falo Badjie, a native of Sintet said that the villagers have encountered almost all the symptoms that have been revealed to them when a person lacks vitamins and nutrients in their body.

She declared that they are all ready and excited to take part in the process in order to better their livelihood adding that they should be provided with the seedlings so that their health can be improved.

Similar deliberations were held in Kalagi and Sibanor, where the members in those communities were exposed to the benefits and effects of not consuming vitamins and micronutrients.