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Ndungu Kebbeh ‘Lumo’ sensitized on Vitamin, micronutrients consumption

Oct 25, 2019, 12:30 PM | Article By: Fatou B. Cham

Tuesday 22nd October 2019 Issue

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations Social and Behavioral Change caravan,Saturday toured North Bank Region, with a stop at the NdunguKebbeh “Lumo” where the masses were sensitised on food fortification and micronutrient consumption.

Mustapha Seck, a native of Fass Omar Saho said he personally prefers his wife to cook vegetable leaves than oil sauce because of the impacts it has on the health.

He showed enthusiasm about the project, saying he has a garden at his backyard where vegetable that his family consume are produced.

Alkalo of Jokadu Karantaba, Pa Kebba Sillah expressed gratitude for exposing them to the impact of vitamins and micronutrients.”We will be pleased if you can provide us with seedlings in addition to the sensitisation so that our community can also benefit from vitamins and micronutrients,” he added.

Mbye Njie of NdunguKebbeh and HaddyJoof of Ndofan also made similar submissions, elaborating on the benefits of crops introduced to them.

The nationwide tour is a component of the European Union funded project “Improving Food Security and Nutrition in The Gambia through Food Fortification”.

The project aims at improving the nutritional and health status of vulnerable populations from micronutrient deficiencies throughout The Gambia, and specifically targets women, girls and children in the North Bank and Central River regions of the Gambia.

It is also expected to contribute to improvements in health and nutrition indicators, especially the reduction of stunting and wasting and normal cognitive development in children and reduced anaemia among women, as well as reduction in complications during pregnancy and maternal mortality.