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S/K Ward Committee cleanses health centre and environs

Jul 25, 2011, 2:24 PM | Article By: Yusuf Ceesay

Serrekunda Ward Development Committee last Thursday embarked on cleansing exercise at the Serrekunda Health Centre in Sandika.

The exercise brought together young men and women who cleaned the hospital premises and its surroundings in Sandika.

Speaking to The Point, the initiator of the exercise, Pa Ebrima Ndure, said they have always been carrying out cleansing exercises in that area, especially prompted by the filth and un-hygiene condition of the facilities and the environment.

 “When the drainage system was not functioning properly I called on the people to embark on sanitation exercise,” Mr Ndure said, adding that the place is a public venue for people, especially for the sick.

“We are looking forward at doing more of this in the near future,” he emphasised.

Seedia Ceesay from the Future Planners Youth Association said that by embarking on the exercise, they have answered the call of the Ward to clean the health centre. 

“It is part of our mandate to see that our environment is clean,” he said proudly.

Describing his youth association as development-oriented, Mr Ceesay said most of their members took part in the exercise.

Balkisu Jarber, officer in charge of Serrekunda Health Centre, in her remarks on the occasion, said the exercise by the community “is a good move”. “It is this type of assistance we are looking up to from the community,” she said.

The initiative came up at the right time, Madam Jarber said: “Environmental sanitation is a very key issue everywhere, especially health centre.

 This will help in retarding mosquito breeding, thus help to fight against malaria.”

She called on everyone to keep the health facility clean, noting that keeping the health facility and the environment untidy causes very serious health hazard to them as nurse and to the patients.

She finally implored on all institutions to emulate Serrekunda Ward Development Committee by conducting such cleansing exercise regularly in other places or parts of the country.

Sainabou Kujabi, committee member of the women association, complements Madam Jarber’s statements, saying the cleansing exercise is very important to the health of their families and the whole community.

The occasion was also witnessed by Millow Savage, councillor of Serrekunda Ward, and Lamin Samura, sub-ward chairman.