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SJAG congress set for August 30

Aug 6, 2014, 11:12 AM

The Sports Journalists’ Association of The Gambia (SJAG) has announced August 30th as the day put aside to elect a new executive committee that will steer the affairs of the Association for the next four years.

This came after the members adopted the revised SJAG Constitution, which sought to make the Association more appealing to the members. Among others, the new Constitution provides that henceforth, all members of the SJAG must be affiliated or belong to at least one media organisation, either as a freelance or full time staff member, with proven record of previous work in any media as a sports journalist or photographer.

Applicants shall be required to obtain a letter of recommendation from the head of their media establishment for an application of membership to be considered. The Constitution also provided that each member shall pay a subscription fee of D500 to re-register by completing a registration form. Members shall pay a monthly contribution fee, the amount of which will be determined by the next Executive Committee. Failure to pay the monthly contribution within a grace period of 6 months one’s membership will cease.

The revised Constitution also provides that each media house in The Gambia, with a sports department is allocated one vote at elective congresses, at which they could be represented by at least three delegates. Each media house would be represented at congress by 3 delegates who must be up to date with their subscription payment.

“SJAG will appoint external auditors for our accounts to meet modern management standards. Thus, the position and functions of the auditor in the old constitution is removed. All specialised sports journalists movements in the country shall operate as a committee under SJAG and shall report to the SJAG. The Executive Committee shall serve for a period of four years (full term) starting from the date that they were voted into office. Four persons from amongst the members of the Association shall be nominated by the General Body to serve in the Executive Committee as Co-opted members.”

According to the new Constitution, no member is eligible to vote or be voted for in absentia, and all financial expenditures exceeding D5000 (five thousand Dalasis) shall be referred to the Finance Committee (to be set up by the executive) for approval in a meeting enlisting the support of all the members of the Committee.

“The General Secretary on behalf of the Finance Committee shall provide a clearance (signed) for all expenditures approved by the Committee and forward it to the Treasurer for onward execution. All expenditures exceeding D10, 000 (ten thousand Dalasis) shall be referred to the General Body for approval or otherwise. They shall provide a signed notice to the treasurer indicating their decision authorising the expenditure or otherwise.”

Speaking to Observer Sports, Abdoulie Bah, secretary general of the Association, urged members who have not settled their subscription fees yet to come forward and do so, because as he puts it, “many members from many media houses have already paid their subscription.”

He stressed that no member will be eligible to vote or be voted if he or she does not pay the subscription fee of D500. “Interested persons can contact me for the forms or visit West Coast Radio. Please be reminded you need a passport sized photo when filling the form. I can be reached on 3797711.”

He concluded that the agreed “Unity Family Fun Day Out” for all sports journalists in The Gambia is slated for 17th August, while inviting all to attend.

Sources: Daily Observer