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Sin Speaks to The Sinner

Nov 11, 2009, 1:38 PM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

Sin is as old as man himself and yet it keeps going unabated in society and the world over. This is a phenomenon that makes man sometimes think of the good, the bad and the ugly. Life is nice but many have changed life into a mare trouble, combined with problems of the heart that has brought short life and suffering. But is it true that sin speaks to the sinner? The answer lies in the concrete evidence in the story of Adam and Eve who committed the first sin and God realised that man was falling away from His love. Christian Panorama compares Jesus actions to changing man's situation to obedience to His Father's will and how man broke away from God through sin by our fore fathers in the Garden of Eden.

People believe that they should continue sinning because they are sometimes helpless in committing these sins they commit, either through self motivated actions against another, their parents, friends, properties and society.

God created everything good for mankind and put man in charge. In the Book of Genesis, we see how God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day. He found out that the world was beautiful but there was no man to take charge of the world.

There was water, sunlight, flowers, plants and above all animals. Therein He said oh, let me create man to take care of all these and for him to subdue the earth. And man known as Adam was formed from the dust. Adam lived alone and God thought it was not good for man to live alone but to have a mate. According to Genesis, God then created woman from man's ribs as his help mate. The man was very delighted.

From that time the two lived together as one. God was also quick to show the two a forbidden fruit in that garden they occupied. He ordered them not to touch that fruit in the middle of the Garden. He knew His reason. Sadly the two later found out that they were naked and could not help themselves after God had asked them where they were.

They answered that they were there but naked and in the beginning they never noticed they were naked. God asked them why they were naked, it could not be answered because they knew they had disobeyed God the creator by eating the fruit. The blame syndrome come on board as God directed questions at each of them so as to take responsibility of their own actions because it was done in a concerted effort that brought man's down fall. Adam blamed it on Eve and Eve blamed it on Satan who was not seen then.  The situation was quite tensed, so God had to give each his, it or her own punishment. To the man God said, "You will labour and sweat for your food before you eat. Woman, you shall go through labour pains before you bear a child.

And to the snake, you will crawl on your belly forever and you shall bite man's heel as they trample on you and you shall eat dust." They have all done the same thing since then. Man is now suffering day in day out, women suffer with child birth, snakes go crawling and bite people on their heels eating enough dust.
It may not have been man's intention but they blamed it on Satan and today we all blame wrong doings on Satan who goes quietly. Man has known sin since then and it has continued. God has not come of recent to ask stop sinning but has rather left nature to take its course.  Man kills man today forgetting the fifth commandment of the Bible that says, "Thou Shall not Kill." Some people have hard heart and will not spurn. God is a loving Father but man does not think in that line. People see and use their anger to solve problems, from which man makes deliberate mistakes. Man should therefore be diligent in their love with one another and be conscientious in their love to others loving as Jesus commanded man to love, that is "Love your neighbour as you love yourself."

If there is self love for oneself then there is no way you can steal from yourself, commit adultery, gossip yourself, do any eavesdropping, point accusing fingers at others, humiliate others at home or outside, love only your children, make allegations against yourself and kill yourself and many more. God knows man cannot do all these against himself, but does the opposite totally for self growth and love.
Man becomes inneuberated with the vices of life and would not think on the laws Jesus came to share with the world.

God sent Jesus after lots of prophets had come and the people could not listen to them. God then said, "Now I will send my only begotten and Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased." When He came He also became a target because the people thought He was only a political figure that came to overthrow Herod. But He said "My Kingdom is not of this world." They did not believe, He was sold for only 30 pieces of silver. But Judas who sold Him went and killed himself because the sin in him spoke to him and he could nothing to put an answer but to only kill himself by hanging.  It is in the same light before Jesus' crucifixion King Herod broadly washed his hands and said "I am innocent of this man's blood." The sin spoke to him incase it was going to happen as the people wanted, he denounced himself from the act and said it was them who wanted it.

How many people can say no to sin ahead of time? If we can't then whatever wrong we do will speak to us and make us confused, as in the case of those who steal or kill others. Many have shown guilt by confessing for what they did. It is when sin speaks to the sinner that the individual becomes worried. Those who do not listen to their sins they have committed would live a worried life and things would go badly with them. "Indeed sin speaks to the sinner."