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Significance of teamwork

Jan 10, 2012, 12:37 PM

Teamwork contributes significantly to the overall success of any institution or organisation.

It helps an organization in reaching its goals, which might be extremely difficult to be reached by one individual.

The main reason is that considering the enormity and the very nature of the work that an organization engages in, it is not possible for any one individual to even think of taking the entire load upon his own shoulders.

This is why good administrators always encourage their staff to keep working as a team, and to put their individual differences aside.

Even a government, for instance, if it wants to achieve its set goals then those running it must work together in the same direction.

One thing about teamwork is that when things work well the credit goes to all, and when things turn the other way around the team takes responsibility.

We, therefore, encourage institutions and departments to foster team work and team spirit in their workplaces.

Team members are also expected to support one another, and to effectively communicate with one another.

As team players, there must be a mutual respect among all those involved in the organisational development. 

Everyone involved needs to combine their efforts, to ensure that the job is  done well.

In any team, we know everyone has to have their own unique role. However, each person’s individual role must be recognised and appreciated by the senior management.

If any organization wants to succeed in reaching their targets, they have to inculcate the culture of teamwork.

Indeed, without teamwork and mutual understanding between teams of employees, the organization can never succeed.

For any team to succeed, it is essential that every member of the team works together with others in harmony.

Every team  member must harness his or her individual abilities into one single effort that is focused towards one goal.
Believe it or not, team effort is always more effective and efficient than the efforts of a single person.

Almost anything can be achieved, if all the members in a team work together towards one specific aim.

Teamwork is important because it allows goals to be reached in an efficient and timely manner.

Teamwork combines many different skills from many people; allowing achievements to be made that could not be made by one person.

After all no individual knows all!