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Showing mercy during Ramadan

Jul 24, 2013, 12:03 PM

It has been 19 years since the AFPRC/APRC under the leadership of President Yahya Jammeh took power in this country.

There is no doubt that over this period tremendous achievements have been registered in The Gambia in terms of infrastructural development, among others.

On the nineteen anniversary of the 22nd July Revolution, we would like to join calls for President Jammeh to consider pardoning prisoners.

We believe that taking advantage of the holy month of Ramadan to release prisoners would be a great gesture by any government.

Such a move would, no doubt, promote national unity, peace and progress in our country and also heal existing wounds.

The much-talked about national reconciliation would be given a huge boost if President Jammeh would consider pardoning prisoners this Ramadan.

We know that it takes courage to take such a decision, but the end result would be joy and praises from the citizenry.