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Shine Africa on Cultural Exchange Programmes

Apr 9, 2009, 5:54 AM | Article By: Alieu Jabang

Shine Africa, a UK based charitable organisation in The Gambia, recently embarked on a week long cultural exchange with their Gambian counterparts.

Speaking at a press conference held at Shine Africa head office in Kololi last Sunday, the proprietor of Shine Africa, Mrs Glyn Jones commonly called Mariama Manneh, said that the culture and tradition of Gambia is worthy of emulation. She said her organisation through the assistance of their two Project Managers, Mr Lamin Badjie and Mr Manneh Suwareh are trying to recapitulate the rich Gambian culture to learn and teach others especially their English visitors.

In the view of Mariama Manneh, the Gambian co-operation, association and socialisation of everything is something worthy to be proud of and follow.

For their part the two Project Managers, Mr Lamin Badjie and Mr Manneh Suwareh both expressed their gratitude and delight to Shine Africa for choosing The Gambia as their working partners.

According to the duo, Shine Africa is doing a lot in building schools and providing fund for students and teachers to have quality education in a more conducive environment.

Also speaking on the occasion, two students from NewmanUniversityCollege, Amy Miyne and Becky Jilbert, said the purpose of their visit to The Gambia is to find out how school life is in The Gambia. According to them, the learning environment in The Gambia is quite good compared to the UK.

The occasion was characterised with artistic display of both Gambians and UK students.