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SHE SHE SHE: One year under Boko Haram custody, “Bring Back Our Girls”

Apr 16, 2015, 10:24 AM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

April 2015 marked one year since the Boko Haram kidnapped at least 200 Chibok Girls in Nigeria.

Since the unfortunate incident, the world has cried out “Bring Back Our Girls”, but the militants have turn a deaf ear to the cries.

Despite the call for their release by people all over the world, the Chibok girls still languish under the custody of “Boko Haram”.

One year of nightmare, terror and injustice to the innocent girls, who have done no wrong to Boko Haram; were taken into custody, forced into a life style they don’t understand, which is indeed a big blow to the world.

Every parent, activist, women’s rights defender, political leaders, religious leaders, family and friends all have cried out: “Bring Back Our Girls”.

Then I begin to imagine how they are coping under the “Boko Haram”. What is happening to them out there? Are they being taken care of? What is life like for them being kidnapped by terrorists?

These girls are human beings whose rights have been violated on baseless grounds, yet no action has been carried out by the world powers other than uttering the words: “Bring Back Our Girls”.

The “Boko Haram” did not use words to kidnap these girls; instead they used violence to do so, and the world powers must use the same method to “Bring Back Our Girls” to us safe and sound.

We have seen their mothers cry on screen, appealing to those that have the power and the resources to bring back their girls safe and sound to them.

If the cries of a mother or a woman did not move the world leaders from talking to action, then what will move them to bring back our girls to us?

While Boko Haram is busy building up alliances with powerful terrorist groups, the world leaders tend to forget about their existence; while our girls continue to languish under the custody of Boko Haram, who in turn uses our women as suicide bomb attackers on innocent people in Nigeria.

Michelle Obama on “bring back our girls”

Reports say a few of the girls escaped, and that dozens still remain under the custody of Boko Haram.

Everywhere in the world, the rights of women and girls are being violated and little or nothing is being done about that. Our world leaders seems too busy to tackle a kidnapping.

The Boko Haram leader, Shekau, said he has married the girls off to his fightersand, if that is the case, Boko Haram has not only violated the rights of these girls by kidnapping them against their will, but also they are sexually exploiting the girls some of whom are still children.

If they claim to be Muslims, they should know that Islam does not allow a woman or girl-child to be married off without her consent.

Boko Haram is turning our girls or has turn our girls into sex slaves against their will; yet our world leaders are sitting comfortably in their offices.

Nigeria’s ex-president Goodluck Jonathan vowed to bring back the girls to their parents safe and sound, but nothing has been done for one year now.

The girls are living with terrorists who are not even reliable for negotiation. Then it is time for action in whichever way possible.

Mothers crying out: “Bring back our girls”

This world is not fair for women, girls and children who are the victims of every problem created by men.

Women, girls and children are victims of war, rape, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, harassment, and every inhuman treatment.

It is time for all that to stop, and a new page to be turned and for justice to prevail so that this world can be a better place for both men and women.

I can only imagine the pain, sleepless nights, nightmares that the parents of these girls are going through, and no amount of words can heal their wounded hearts. They all have one thing in common; they all cry and speak the same language: “Bring Back Our Girls”.

When has education become a sin for women or girls? Why should girls pay with their freedom or life just to be educated? It is time for our leaders to come face-to-face with Shekau, and to rescue our girls from the clutches of Boko Haram.

While we congratulate President Buhari for his victory, we also rely on him as our strength, hope and the President of Nigeria to please hear the cry of the women, who are desperate to re-unite with their daughters, and to do everything in his power to bring back our girls to us safe and sound.

According to reports, Nigerian President-elect Muhammadu Buhari has vowed to hunt down Boko Haram Islamists on the kidnapping anniversary of dozens of Chibok schoolgirls.

Buhari has said he would continue all efforts to rescue the girls, if they are alive.

“As we remember the kidnapping of the girls, it is time to reflect on the pain and suffering of the victims, their friends and families on account of the heinous crime,” he said.

“We do not know if the Chibok girls can be rescued. Their whereabouts remain unknown. As much as I wish to, I cannot promise that we can find them. But I say to every parent, family member and friend of the children that my government will do everything in our power to bring them home,” Buhari said in a statement.

“What I can pledge, with absolute certainty, is that starting on the first day of my administration, Boko Haram will know the strength of our collective will and commitment to rid this nation of terror and bring back peace and normalcy to all the affected areas,” he said.

The parents of the girls believe in Buhari, the abducted girls believe in Buhari and the world believes in Buhari, and he can “bring back our girls” safe and sound.

One year of pain and suffering has to end; one year of talking has to end; action is what the kidnapped girls need, as well as their parents and the world at large.

To Abu-Bakr Shekau, we know he must be a loving father to a child or children, and we asked him to extend that fatherly love and heart to the kidnapped girls and returned them back to their parents.

We want Shekau to know that the girls are not the solution to whatever issue he has with the political leaders, if there is any.

To Abu-Bakr Shekau, our girls are innocent please “Bring back our girls” to us safe and sound.

To the kidnapped Chibok Girls and their family She-she-she is in solidarity with you; we feel your pain and suffering, and we anxiously wait for the day the responsible authorities will “bring back our girls” to us safe and sound.