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Sensitisation On Climate Change Ends

Sep 9, 2009, 7:21 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba

Adaptation for Coastal and Climate Change (ACCC), an NEA global environment facility project, under the United Nation Project Programme-The Gambia, recently held a two-day sensitisation seminar on climate change.

The project, among others, seeks to sensitise four coastal communities within Brufut Ghana Town, Tanji and Bafuloto on ecotourism principles and values.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Dodou Trawally, the ACCC Coordinator underscored the importance of the project, noting that the project will equip participants to better understand the effects of climate change, especially the communities living around the coastal area.

According to him, the project will run for three years, focusing on sensitising the said villages on ecotourism. He said this year alone only four villages would benefit from the project.

He said during the year the project would come up with plans like building campus for planting trees, gardening and sensitising people on the effects of sand mining in the coastal areas.

For his part, Mr. Sheikh Alkinky Sanyang, the Coordinator of the Africa Network of Environment Journalists-Gambia chapter also stated that the goal of the project was to develop and pilot a series of effective coping mechanisms, aimed at reducing the impact and vulnerability of climate change.

He concluded by saying that the inter-government panel on climate change latest report has revealed that the impact on climate change had already been felt around the world, noting that it's overwhelmingly negative and affect poor and vulnerable communities.