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Senegambia Beach Hotel case commences

Jul 24, 2013, 12:09 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

The case involving Abdoulie Jallow and Senegambia Beach Hotel commenced on 23 July 2013, before Magistrate Jobarteh of the Kanifing Industrial Tribunal, assisted by panelists Cole and Davies.

Abdoulie Jallow, the plaintiff, was being led by Garba Cham to testify against the Senegambia Beach Hotel, his former employer.

In his testimony, he told the tribunal that he lives at Brufut and was a chef at the Senegambia Beach Hotel.

He adduced that he was employed on 1 December 2011, and was given a contract of employment.

The said contract of employment was tendered by his representative, Garba Cham. The defendant’s counsel, Ida Drammeh, did not raise any objection, and the document was admitted by the tribunal.

Mr Jallow said he was given another employment letter when the first contract was finished.

Garba Cham applied to tender the second contract of employment and there was no objection by the defendant’s counsel. The document was admitted by the tribunal.

Jallow stated that his service was terminated on 22 April 2013, and the employment was for one year.

Garba Cham again applied to tender the said termination letter. The defendant’s counsel did not make any objection, and the document was admitted by the tribunal.

He said the termination was due to the low season and reduction of number of guests, adding that he was paid D7,000.

He testified that he was paid one month’s notice.

Under cross-examination, he told the tribunal that either party should give one month’s notice to terminate the contract, adding that he was not paid in full for one month’s notice.

Jallow posited that he had not been working since he left the hotel, further stating he was never made redundant.

He adduced that he could have got 12 month’s time for his contract but only got 5 months out of the 12 months.

He said he could have received 7 months’ salary maximum, adding that he was entitled to 21 days leave, and he got it.

Jallow further testified that he was given a copy of the hotel’s regulation and job description, adding that he was employed by the Senegambia Beach Hotel.

The defendant’s counsel put it to him that he was employed by Senegambia Beach Hotel Ltd and not Senegambia Beach Hotel.

Garba Cham rose and applied to amend the name of the hotel from Senegambia Beach Hotel to Senegambia Beach Hotel Ltd.

The defendant’s counsel did not raise any objection and his application was granted.

At the end of the cross-examination, Garba Cham told the tribunal that the plaintiff had ended his case and they would not call any witness.

The defendant’s counsel rose and said the defence would not testify but instead they would file their address.

Garba Cham also said he would file his address, and the case was adjourned till 3 September 2013, for adoption of addresses.