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Senegalo-Gambia relations must be strengthened

May 3, 2011, 2:04 PM

The Gambia and Senegal have always had a good relationship over the years, and our family ties should be jealously guarded to go from strength to strength.

The recent comment made by the Senegalese Foreign Minister Madické  Niang during his visit to Banjul last Friday, when he was received by the Gambian leader, as a special envoy of President Abdoulaye Wade, that "anybody who tries to bring instability between the two countries will not succeed",  should be commended and supported by all and sundry, because the two countries are bound together.

We strongly believe that this was indeed a positive comment which needs to be applauded by citizens of both countries.

People should know that the two countries have had a long historical relationship, before the coming of the French and British colonialists, who came and partitioned us.

We are happy that the people at the highest political level always treat issues in a matured manner.

The people of the two countries share a lot in common, both socially and culturally; we inte-marry so we should not allow anybody to divide us, and any individual who plans to bring misunderstanding between the two countries will totally fail because our elders have prayed for the two countries to ever remain as one, and our God shall always protect us from all harm and evil.

The Senegalese and Gambian authorities should always endeavour to strengthen SeneGambian ties and chart the way forward for the good of both countries.