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Securing Our Territorial Waters is Vital

Jun 30, 2009, 6:20 AM

It's very vital that we intensify our efforts in safeguarding our territorial waters from all forms of illegal activities.

The recent donation of four new patrol boats by the government of Taiwan to The Gambia represents a substantial boost to our national efforts for the protection of our territorial waters.

In this world of ours where illegal migration, illegal fishing, piracy and terrorism are the order of the day, it is significant that one tightens his security regime.

"The magnitude of these illegal activities is such that they transcend national boundaries, thereby requiring greater cooperation among states bordering the Atlantic Ocean," president Jammeh has emphasized.

This is very true because problems of this nature require a collective effort.

We must all join our hands together to secure our national and our transnational boundaries.

This cooperation gesture by our Taiwanese government is not only appreciated, it will further strengthen the already existing cordial ties between our two countries.

It is gratifying to note that this is not the first time Taiwan is rendering such military assistance to the Navy, as according to national maritime authorities the ROC in 1999 made a similar donation of two patrol boats to this same naval institution.

This latest development will help the Navy to carry out 24-hour surveillance of our territorial waters.

We urge all those concerned to take good care of these boats for their longest possible life span.

With these additional patrol boats the Gambian Navy will be better equipped to provide the optimal territorial security ever on our territorial waters.

Meanwhile, gratitude also goes to the Taiwanese ambassador, Dr. Richard Shih, and the rest of his team for making it possible for the safe arrival of the boats to The Gambia.

It is assuring also to hear president Jammeh state that The  Gambia would always stand by Taiwan at the international arena; this enhances our ralations which would then become very cordial, friendly, and mutually reinforcing.