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Feb 17, 2012, 2:47 PM | Article By: Adelaide Mendy


Life is full of seasons and mankind has no choice but to accept and adapt. In fact, prudent different strategic business decisions are made on such bases, with trends changing accordingly. The festive seasons such as Xmas and New Year are perhaps the average business’s favorite time, with chances of gross sales increasing being at its peak. One other such time is one we celebrated this past Tuesday, Valentine’s Day.

People of all ages go out on this day to show in one way or another their love or affection, not just to those they are romantically involved with, but to other loves in their lives such as parents, siblings and friends. As I walked into the supermarket this week, I stopped to observe a group of youths huddled over a rack hosting beautiful cards whilst others were looking over other merry merchandise like teddy bears and miniature hearts, I smiled. That very scene was probably being played out in many such locations all over the globe. Restaurant telephones were probably ringing off the hook as reservations were being made worldwide. It was that time of year, Valentine’s, the celebration of Love!

A trail of though began, surely it is more that the chocolate, card or dinner. Surely it is more than just that one day. Love must be nurtured and celebrated every day in every single area of our lives for the world to be a better place to be in.

Sadly just a few days before that, on the 11th of February two thousand and twelve, the world bade a sad farewell to one of its most inspirational vocalists of all time, Whitney Houston. Over the two and a half decades that her career has spanned, she has delivered many successful albums and hit songs, and received accolades and awards for her art including but not limited to her six Grammy awards.

The legendary country crooner and eight time Grammy award winner Dolly Parton’s hit single “I will always love you” touched many since its release. However, it was the breathtaking rendition of the said piece by Whitney Houston (the late) which featured in the successful movie ‘The Bodyguard” that made it an international anthem for all romantics around the globe. It will perhaps be one of the top accomplishments that the fallen singer and icon would be most remembered for.

At the height of her career, she was ‘the Artist to be’ and inspiration to a generation of artists after her including Brandy and Mariah Carey. Her season has gone by, yet her presence is still felt, in the gut wrenching honesty of her lyrics and rhythm.

Recently, I read an article online which purported to give advice to the young and merry, apparently cautioning them over rash decisions made in the ‘moment’. We were to think deeply before making life altering decisions, something I completely agree with until it went on to say that ‘what if’ plans should be drawn before making marriage commitments, including a potential divorce pathway. Now that is just insane. Marriage’s season should be one that lasts forever, according to the vows taken. If one is thinking about exit before entry, them another deep thought should be given to it.

Life is a gift that requires hard work. There will be times when we will think that certain goals are beyond our grasp or dreams are beyond our reach. It is at those times that we must think of a better season to come, the one we are working towards. As we forge through life’s many seasons, let us give everything we’ve got, to make a difference worth taking about and remembering, to have made a change worth keeping.