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Science is fundamental for development

May 24, 2011, 1:43 PM

The annual Fanta Science and Mathematics Quiz Competition organized by the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education and sponsored by Gambega Limited is a good initiative which both the public and private sector should emulate.

Science should be promoted in all the schools, because it contributes a lot towards the socio- economic development of a country.

The Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education should endeavour so that the science labs in the schools are well-equipped, and also encourage the students to do science subjects.

This will greatly help the country, and the education sector at large.

Most of the time in schools, students fear  to take science subjects,  but instead prefer to do commercial subjects and arts, because they fear the calculations involve in the science subjects.

The private sector as an engine of growth in the economic development of a nation has a crucial role to play in the promotion of science and technology in schools.

We have to understand that the government a lone cannot do it; they equally need the support of all stakeholders to come on board to assist in this area.

There is no country that has developed without the fundamental subjects of Science and Mathematics.

Gambega should be commended for supporting the development of Science in our schools.

The company over the years has been contributing its quota to all sectors that matter in our national development.

We call on students to take up science and technology studies seriously in their education.

People should understand that the future of the development of any country entire depends on science and technology.