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Say no to Suicide!

Jun 24, 2008, 6:20 AM

We wonder why one should kill oneself under any circumstances. To say that the act of suicide is on the increase might be an understatement.

Just last Wednesday the family of Jatta Kunda in Manjai Kunda and the environs woke up to the shocking discovery of the body of Augustus Jatta found hanging from a mango tree in their compound.

Conscious of what the late Augustus reportedly said to an apprentice at the Maintenance Service Agency (MSA) regarding his aspirations, death has come too soon; we would have loved him to live on some more, to live as shining example to Gambian youth.

He was at the MSA to learn technical skills, which would have enabled him live a decent and better life in the future, but whatever the case, all that has come to nought.

People should be aware that whatever the problem one might be facing, however difficult one might think a problem is, there will be always a better, perfect solution to it other than killing oneself.

Set up the mental picture of what type of situation you would be leaving your people in?

Killing yourself simply meansplunging your family and loved ones into unnecessary grief.

One should at all times when facing a problem, try to consult people, and for certain, there will be people who would be prepared to help. Also remember the Hereafter, when you will be meeting your Creator. What then would your excuses be for killing yourself?


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