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Saudi support of Yemen President

Apr 20, 2015, 9:25 AM

Meanwhile, the Government of The Gambia has said it fully supports the Saudi-led efforts to restore to power the legitimate government of President Abd-Rabbbu Mansour Hadi in Yemen, and return the country to the rule of law, peace and normalcy.

A press release from the Office of the President said The Gambia also supports the UN Security Council Resolution of 14 April 2015 which ordered the Houthi rebels to immediately and unconditionally end violence, withdraw forces from areas they seized, relinquish all arms and cease activities undermining the authority of the country`s legitimate government.

The resolution also orders the rebels to refrain from provocation against neighbouring states and end the recruitment of children as combatants.

The release said the Government of The Gambia notes with grave concern that the Houthi coup in Yemen represents a major threat to the stability of the region and the whole Islamic world.

The Government of The Gambia strongly commends the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the decisive role they are playing in fight against the Houthi terrorists.

In the same vein, it condemns in the strongest terms all those countries that support the Houthi terrorists by supplying arms and finance to the Houthis with the sole purpose of expanding their influence in the region.

The Government of The Gambia calls for a speedy and concerted effort to put an end to these marauding blood-thirsty Houthi terrorists in Yemen.

The Gambia stands ready to support and contribute to this endeavour. As true Muslims, we must stand up against the rise of these criminal cults disguised as Muslim Jihadists, etc, wiping them out is the True jihad of True Muslims, the release concluded.