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Sarahuli Teachers celebrate college graduation

Mar 23, 2016, 10:05 AM | Article By: Ebrima Bah

Issue Tuesday 22 March 2016

The Gambia College-based Sarahuli Teachers’ Association on Saturday bade farewell to 19 of its members after their successful completion of their courses at the college.

The graduates, including two female, were in the procession of the 2014/2015 graduation ceremony to receive their accolades of Primary Teacher Certificate (PTC) and Higher Teacher Certificate (HTC) from the School of Education of the college.

Spokesperson of the association, Yankuba Sissoho told ‘The Point’ newspaper that their graduation is historic in pursuance of the higher education goal of the association.

He noted that the graduation of 19 Sarahuli out of more than 3,000 students is a laudable but it is at the same time a wakeup call for the Sarahuli youth.

Mr Sissoho pointed out that most of his fellow Sarahulis’ prefer going in for business rather than education, the best method to fight against social and economic huddles in life.

Considering the minimal number of members of his ethnicity reaching college level of education in the past, Mr Sissoho noted that the graduation is symbolic to not only the Sarahuli community in the Gambia but to the youth of the entire nation.

Therefore, he called his Sarahuli brothers and sisters to make education a priority.

Ms Jalia Touray, Diabugu village of Upper River Region who was graduating with PTC, expressed happiness for being among the few females in her region with academic mentality.

She explained that she has started her educational career with so many friends but a lot of them dropped out of school for different reasons.

She noted that the road seems lonely but that should not discouraged them as female to keep striking forward on the academic ladder.

The young teacher explained that education is a lifelong venture which girls and women should be able to carry on with daily household activities.

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