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Saints clinch Greater Banjul inter-schools heats

Mar 9, 2010, 2:58 PM | Article By: Cherno O. Bobb

Saints Augustines Senior Secondary are the 2010 champions of the just concluded Trust Bank sponsored Greater Banjul Inter-Schools Athletics heats of the Gambia Secondary Schools Sports Association (GSSSA), at the Independence Stadium in Bakau over the weekend.

The heats was competed by 18 Senior Secondary Schools and 20 Upper Basic Schools within the Greater Banjul Area, attracted by spectators from the Greater Banjul and its environ.

The champions Saints qualified for 41 events out of 43 events, followed by Gambia Secondary School, who qualified for 32 events, and Muslim 3rd position with 29 qualifiers.

Other Senior Secondary Schools qualified in the following events: John Pickering 7events, Gambia Methodist 4 events, Nusrat 4 events, SOS 3 events, Daddy Jobe 3 events, Sheikh Mass Kah 1 event, while Charles Fowlis, Rose Kali, Ndow’s, Kotu, Arch Deacon George, Scan Aid, Glory Baptist, St. Peter's and SDA qualified in none of the events.

In the Upper Basic Category, Latrikunda Sabiji emerged the champions after qualifying for 17 events out 37 events, followed by Charles Jaw and Banjulinding, with 15 qualifiers, Abuko 3rd position with 14 qualifiers, while the other qualifiers for the other Upper Basic Schools are as follows: St. Therese's 11events, Latrikunda (LK) 9 events, Bakau 5 events, Sukuta 4 events, Bakoteh 4 events, Kombo Kerewan 4 events, Crab Island 2 events, St. Augustine’s 2 events, Ndow's Annex 2 events, Garba Jahumpa 2 events, Kanifing East 1 event, SOS 1 event, Greater Banjul 1 event, Ndow’s Upper and Kotu did not qualify for any event.