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Saamasasang Federation embarks on tree planting

Oct 30, 2015, 10:43 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba

Saamasasang Federation, in collaboration with the Department of Forestry, recently conducted a tree planting exercise in the villages of Penyem, Jalanbang, and Bakary Sanbuya in West Coast Region.

A total of 200 trees were distributed among the three villages which were identified by the Saamasang Federation, Department of Education and the Department of Forestry.

Officials said the tree planting will enhance youth development for the future generation and protection of the environment.

Amadou Tambedou, child and youth officer of Saamasang Federation, said: “No tree, no life.”

He said the tree planting is in commemoration of the International Youth Day, which is celebrated on 12 August.

The day was set aside to help young people and stakeholders in youth development and empowerment to reflect on issues affecting young people and ways to better help the young folks.

Mr Tambedou said they chose tree planting to commemorate the day because the planted trees will benefit generations of young people to come.

Lamin Bajo of the Department of Forestry said The Gambia is well known for the protection of environment and the youth.

“Human beings and animals cannot live without trees because trees produce the oxygen we breathe.Also, we are living because we have food and medicine and these things cannot be made in the absence of trees,” he said.

Mr Bajo said Saamasang Federation has been involved in tree planting for many years in different places and “the success is remarkable”.