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Rotary Club of Brusubi donates materials to Amdalai immigration post

Mar 29, 2017, 1:08 PM | Article By: Saidou S. Baldeh

Issued Tuesday 28 March 2017

The Rotary Club of Brusubi-Serekunda over the weekend donated  various valuable items to Amdalai immigration post as part of their social corporate responsibility in complementing the government’s efforts.

The presentation was done through the Chartered President of Rotary Club of Brusubi-Serekunda, Dr Kalala, and witnessed by top senior immigration officers, including the officer commanding North Bank Region.

Speaking at the ceremony, OC Amed Faal expressed appreciation to the Rotary Club of Brusubi-Serekunda through Dr. Kalala, for the magnificent gesture.

He was introduced to Dr. Kalala by one Mr Darboe, who told him that the Rotary Club of Brusubi-Serekunda would come to make a donation to the immigration post at Amdalai border post.

He thanked Dr Kalala and his club members for complementing government’s efforts by making a donation to the immigration post at Amdalai

“We are very grateful and happy to receive you as a philanthropist. We described you as a partner in development who came to help humanity in this earth. We have little to say, but to thank you and your entire members for the gesture.”

This was part of motivating staff, as government alone could not do it all, he said, adding that through their support and collaboration it would make life easy for them to work in a comfortable environment.

He used the opportunity to call on other philanthropists to emulate the Rotary Club of Brusubi–Serekunda to support this immigration post at the border between the two sister countries.

“Supporting this immigration post is a welcomed move, and will go a long way in addressing most of our burdens at the border.”

Dr. Kalala equally expressed appreciation and delight to give support to the immigration post at the border.

He said his club deemed it fitting to complement the government’s efforts by supporting this immigration post with social amenities to create more comfort at their workplace.

He also spoke about the importance of security, and the need for collective efforts to help the security in enhancing effective service delivery.

He assured the immigration department that there is more support to come in other areas of concern.

 He thanked the Immigration department, especially the officers at the border post for accepting their gift.