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ROC’s boost to football development

Jun 18, 2013, 12:00 PM

In their quest to support the various development drives of The Gambia, the republic of China has again given a boost to the country’s sports development.

The Taiwanese government last Friday presented a cheque for US$ 442,000 for the development of The Gambia football team.

Taiwan provided the support to help improve the performance of The Gambia national football squad, and enhance their capability to victoriously compete in the coming international football games.

The donation, no doubt, reflects Taiwan’s commitment to the development of the sports sector of The Gambia, particularly football.

In fact, this latest gesture by the government of Taiwan is not the first of its kind as the ally nation has in the past supported football development.

It is our hope that the funds will be put into good use, and that they help improve the status of Gambian football both at home and in competing at the international level.

Football development requires huge investment, and this has always been advocated by this paper in this and many other columns.

We, therefore, applaud our Taiwanese brothers and sisters for once again supporting another important sector of The Gambia.

We are calling for continued investment in football and sports development in general, if we are to compete well at regional and continental level.

We are also of the strong conviction that there is an absolute need to promote sports development at the grassroots, since neglecting it means killing Gambian football.