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Religious Tolerance and Harmony in The Gambia

Mar 13, 2009, 5:45 AM | Article By: Madam Yai Arret Sonko, once an Executive Member of the former ruling party, People's Progressive Party (PPP).

I write to contribute and complement recent articles and discussions on GRTS of matters relating on the above theme:

The 5th Imam of Banjul, Eliman Njie Momodou Marie, son of Marie Mallall Sowe and Samba Sebet Sowe from St. Louis in Senegal.

Mam Mour Gallor Sowe, sister to Marie Mallall Sowe, an aunt to the Imam and the mother of Maria and Harriet Keita, whose family we belong. She was born a Muslim, first married off the Muslim way on a Thursday and the next Saturday morning she went to Church and got married the Christian way.

The Imam has died, but his grand and great grand children are around.

The respectable Imam accompanied amongst others by his cousins, Marian and Harriet Keita (Catholics) paid a visit to Reverend Father Meehan of the Catholic Church in the year 1919.

Recent inter-faith dialogue reinforces this long established tradition that is underpinned by the fact that most families of BanjulCity have lineage in both Islam and Christianity for generations.

The three-quarter of my realities are all Muslims.

This atmosphere of tolerance and respect is sustained and made possible by the leadership of the President of the Republic, Prof. Alhagie Yahya A.J.J Jammeh and his government.

May the Almighty God foster the relationship of tolerance and mutual respect between faiths and permeate the same in the entire nation.

Bravo Monsieur Le President". Let me quote what Christ said in the Bible: "Ordination or promotion cometh not from the East nor from the West, but from thee the Almighty Father. That is why I support your revolution.

Well done Imam Alhagie Masohna Kah with his followers. Well done Rev. Father Bishop Ellison with all other Bishops and priest in The Gambia, especially Rev. Father Tony Sonko who is one the great great grand sons of Imam Eliman Njie Momodou Marie.

I am quite impressed about the country because the country has undergone a major transformation.

The July 22nd revolution has brought in its trails decent living standards for the ordinary citizens.

I would want advice the students to read Science subjects. Many students run away from these subjects.  The future of our country depends on the younger generation is educated. The government has provided conditions for all the children to learn.

The youths should learn to be illustrious people shouldering the future of the country."

The Gambian youths to consider learning various skills or trades for the economic liberation of the country.

Madam Yai Arret Sonk is presently on holiday in the country from Sweden.