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Regional Open Water Swimming Championship called off

Apr 28, 2014, 10:51 AM

The first Regional Open Water Swimming Championship of the year for the Gambia Swimming & Aquatic Sports Association (GSASA), which was supposed to be held on Saturday at Barra, North Bank Region, has been cancelled due to unfavourable weather condition, according to organisers.

The distance of the championship to be competed was set at 1.5kilometer with over 50 swimmers expected to compete but due to the bad weather condition it was called off at the last minute.

The championship was aimed at bringing together swimmers from the regions to demonstrate their marathon swimming skills as well as give the association the opportunity to scout out for good open water swimmers for the National Open Water Team.

The championship was also meant to promote, encourage, organise and develop Open Water Swimming and other related aquatic activities in all the seven regions of The Gambia as well as to boost the morale and instill confidence and courage in young Gambians.

The exercise is as well aimed at reducing the number of deaths /fatal accidents registered during Sunday Beach activities among others; as well as for those who think they can swim and end up drowning or losing their lives attempting to save others.

The regional competitions are as well meant to provide opportunities for specialised marathon swimmers to start competing at standardised FINA Open Water competition rules and regulations.

The initiative is also aimed at expanding the membership of the association in all the seven regions, in anticipation of creating mass participation in swimming.