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Ramadan Mubarak

Aug 1, 2011, 12:24 PM

As we begin the holy month of Ramadan today, we wish all Muslims a happy Ramadan and good health.            
We also pray for God to answer all our prayers during this holy month.

Ramadan is a month that can transform people, and make them God-fearing in all their dealings.

It is a month of repentance and prayers, and we should bear in mind that Allah is always with us throughout and everywheres Muslims we should use the occasion to supplicate for Allah’s forgiveness and to repent, pray for each other as well as the dead.

However, one major concern foof people during the month of Ramadan is that businesspeople tend to increase the prices of basic commodities in the country.

Commodities should be made not only available to people during this holy month, but also affordable to the average Gambian.

However, to our surprise some businesspeople use the occasion to increase prices of certain basic commodities in the country during the course of this month, taking advantage of the fact that the demand is always high in this period.

We are surprise to hear that the businesspeople have started increasing prices for meat. We were informed that the price of beef is now D130, while meat and bone is D110. The price for a bag of Irish potato stands at D675, and onion is D380.

However it is worth commending that the price of sugar which was D1500 before the Ramadan, now stands at D1300.

We should remember that Ramadan is a month people should  help each other, especially the needy as much as we can.

People should also desist from spitting in the streets during this month, since it may lead to serious health complications, because someone can easily contract certain diseases from airborne germs as a result of spitting in the streets.

One of the many lessons Ramadan teaches us is to avoid wasting food. At times people will cook lots of food which they cannot even eat after breaking fast.

Let us always try to help the needy during this month, and always provide IFTAR for them, as God reward speople who care for the needy.