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Qcell introduces 'Muslim Phone' dedicated to late Imam Mass Jah

Jan 11, 2010, 1:31 PM | Article By: Baboucarr Senghore

There is no denying that in the history of any country, successive generations must have individuals who serve as pillars of society, talk of the country and, of course, some extraordinary men and women who provide inspiration to young upcoming and promising nationals of the state. The late Imam Mass Jah belongs to this category of people.

Conscious of this fact, Qcell the Gambia's only Third Generation GSM operator last Friday launched for the first time in Africa the "Qcell Muslim Phone", which is equipped with sophisticated technologies.

Dedicated to the late Imam Mass Jah who passed away on 23rd October 2009, the Qcell Muslim Phone has all the basic features of a great phone. It comes with a colour screen, FM radio, long battery life and it alerts Muslims on their five daily prayers.

"Any country you go to, just select the country and the Muslim phone will provide you with the times for prayers and, when it is time for prayer, it will alert you".

Interestingly enough, when the Muslim features are activated, even when the phone is off, when it is prayer time, it will come on, alert you and switch off again. Described as a classic phone, the Qcell Muslim Phone is the cheapest phone in The Gambia today, costing D750.00.

Having invested in a sophisticated management platform, Qcell has been a trailblazer in bringing to the people of The Gambia the most up-to-date technological innovations available in the market; its model is to make communications as clear and easy and at the cheapest possible cost.

Since its existence some six months ago, Qcell has remained committed to not just being another GSM operator, but the idea of bringing to The Gambia the highest and best in telecommunications technology has been the hallmarks of the company's existence.

"The President's Vision 2020, the Silicon Valley project, and many other initiatives, are all timely responses to the technological challenges of our age," Muhammed Jah, Qcell CEO, said at the press conference.

According to CEO Jah, "Qcell aims to place itself as a pacesetter in industry standards in The Gambia and, as such, its goal and challenges are very high."

"Qcell is always innovative; it will never relent or compromise on standards. Part of our motivation as a company is to keep the people of this country abreast of the innovative changes in the world of GSM technology. To that goal, we are firmly committed," Jah said.

He also commended his uncle Professor Dr Omar Jah for launching the Muslim Phone.

For her part, Anam Jah, Sales and Marketing Manager, said Qcell prides itself in always bringing the best products and services to The Gambia. 

"We are Gambians and want to see the best come to our country. When we travel outside, we want to bring back the good standards we see to SUNU BUSS which is The Gambia, hence now Muslim Phone which is the cheapest of its kind," Anam said.

Professor Dr. Omar Jah, a brother to the late Imam Mass Jah gave a brief biography of the late Imam Mass Kah, describing him as a true citizen of the land.

Other speakers including Imam Ratib Cherno Kah, Imam Abdoulie Fatty of State House, Imam Baba Leigh, Mayor Yankuba Colley of the KMC, Sheikh Essa Jawara, and the representative of the Lebanese community in The Gambia all commended Qcell for bringing to the doorsteps of Gambians value-added and unrivalled services.