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Proper utilization of public funds

Jan 4, 2013, 8:52 AM

Public funds are meant for the general Gambian populace, thus the need for such resources to be spent judiciously.

Resources collected from citizens or received on their behalf should be seen to be benefiting those people.

This reminds us of the need, especially for those entrusted with authority to manage these funds with good care, to do so.

It is essential to note that our national resources are very much limited, but when fully utilized for their benefit, these resources can improve the livelihood of all Gambians.

Reports suggesting the misuse of national resources, and fleets of vehicles purchased and maintained from the poor taxpayer’s money, are too worrying for comfort.

We must emphasize that all those entrusted with public resources, particularly those elected, must guard against the temptation of enriching themselves by diverting tax monies that are meant to provide good roads, clean drinking water,schools, hospitals, street light, etc.

Citizens entrust governments, the public sector and state enterprises, with their tax money and the resources of the country to manage for the public good, and for the benefit of present and future generations.

Just as citizens rely on governments, they trust state enterprises to manage public resources well and provide essential services efficiently.

Going straight to the point, we want to emphasis that all public institutions whose operations are funded by taxpayers resources must be seen doing their best for the citizenry.

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