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Prolific Gambian Writer Publishes Another Book

May 14, 2009, 6:20 AM | Article By: Alieu Jabang & Njie Baldeh

Seedy Bojang, a prolific Gambian writer has recently authored another book, entitled Tip Of The Iceberg. The book exposes corruption in official circles and criminality among the affluent of a modern African society.

Speaking in an interview with these reporters recently at The point newsroom, said that it is a much-read book that portrays how influential people use the power of money to subvert justice, thus serving as revelation of the stumbling-blocks to justice and equity in today s African society. In the prologue, readers are reminded that the book is an exposition of what remains a decisive element of a seemingly intelligence works of every day life. The book provides a clue about, both historical and modern forms of amassing stupendous wealth to oneself, not confining to individual cases but also organized crimes, it outlines.

Other books by the author include The Changing World, ABC of journalism, Devil s Lover and Bumpy journey. He also co-authored another book, entitled Does God Exists. Published in the United Kingdom, by Derek Annable, the international code number of the book is ISBN 978-0-9549732-7-8. The catalogue list of the book is available from the British Library.