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CRP Program Manager Speaks Out

May 14, 2009, 6:18 AM | Article By: Abdourahman Sallah

Mr. Mathew Selinske, the program manager of Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project at Sambel Kunda in Niamina East District CRR South, has said that the new CRP management have plans to establish more sub-projects to support the communities surrounding the national park.

Mr. Selinske made this revelation recently in an interview with this paper noting that some of the sub- projects will include women engaged in vegetable gardening, fishponds, and tree planting among others.  

According to him the CRP project does not only concentrate on the project activities but also focuses on the needs of the communities especially in the area of health, education and environment to boost the socio-economic development of the benefiting communities. He noted that the project also promotes the ecosystem, adding that the place is also a tourist attraction centre and has rich information about some of the animal species in the park.

Mr. Selinski noted that recently crocodile researchers have spotted out three different crocodile species in the RiverGambiaNational Park that are scarcely or no longer found in West Africa. These are the Nile crocodile, Slender Snout Crocodile, and Dwarf Crocodile. He further stated that the number of chimpanzees in the park have increased to eighty-four including the two newly born chimps, and there is a medical scheme in place that takes care of them to keep them. Mr. Selinski added that the CRP management is supported by the following: the government of The Gambia, Foundation for the Promotion of West African Chimpanzee, and the International Organization of Friends of Animals.