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Profile of Diva: A Young Gambia Female Musician

May 8, 2009, 6:39 AM

Here we bring you the profile of a singing Diva, a young talented Gambian female with a very special voice.

She is a Gemini Zodiac sign with a lot of success.

Diha is Paddy Trawalley, dynamic stage performer and now considered the most popular stage performer in The Gambia today.

Her Latin-African style singing mode and using English as a form of expression and delivery is a bridge-meeting point for understanding The Wollof Mballax sound of The Gambia and Senegal.

The young female Gambian is a Sade look-alike and a very well trained and polished singer-songwriter by profession and a professional recording artist and a stage show girl.

She is soft singing and high pitched and has a diverse range of rhythmic phrases that made her songs to be captivating and the exuberance phenomenal.

She is a genie, a movie star and a fashion icon. Diha has a very vast musical influence, ranging from Afro beat, Zouk, Rock and Pop, Fado, Rai music, Soukous Afro Carib and American Rhythm and Blues. Her childhood idol is Whitney Houston.

She is the perfect carbon copy of African girl Aretha Franklin. She sings like Aretha Franklin and sometimes with a blend of star-singer Sade with a classic and a distinctive hypothetical vocal charm that is compelling for anyone to dance to the music of Diha.

On a cool note, she is a star on the rise, as well as the Queen of Gambian music and the new powerhouse that has to be renowned.

The young artist is fluent in Wolof, Mandingo, Creole, French and English. Her songs are carrying messages of peace, love, happiness and togetherness. In all her songs, she gives guidelines especially in her song ADUNA, which is an inspirational song for the young generation and sending out advice to the youth and to the underprivileged. She also motivates a lot of young African girls to takeup the creative art of music as an instrument of freedom and development as well as to liberate themselves from mis-education. She also sing songs to inform Africans. Diha is the perfect spokesperson and ambassador of peace for many peace movements, and educational awareness organisations, commercial companies and business groups. The girl power singing Divas of and their globe style new music with the likes Mariam Makeba, Tracy Chapman, Angelique Kidjo, Vivian Ndour, Laura Hill, Yvon Shaka, Coumba Gawlo Seck and Oumou Sanagre are the female role  models of African young girls venturing in music today in Africa and in the Caribbean for a new generation of a new African world beat sound originating from African and sweeping across the globe.