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Price of sugar a cause for concern

Jan 11, 2010, 4:07 PM

The cost of sugar in the country has soared in the past several months at an alarming rate, and the situation calls for urgent intervention.

 According to reports gathered by this paper, a bag of sugar in the country is being sold at D1, 050 to D1, 200 depending on the location. As a result, a cup of sugar has also risen to D6.

The recent increase in the price of sugar is causing great hardship to many. Considering the high level of sugar consumption among Gambians, its clear that if the trend continues the impact would be very serious.

The government through its relevant authorities should look into the issue in order to remedy the situation. People use sugar in this country for many purposes, but especially during breakfast with porridge, tea or coffee, and with ataya, among others. Consuming any of these without sugar would not be enjoyable for most Gambians.

Its high time that we as a country start cultivating sugar cane considering the high level of sugar consumption in the country, and the discomfort its high cost causes to the general population.

The consumers, especially those in the rural areas, have been complaining bitterly about the cost of sugar in the country, while calling for government intervention.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry should critically look into the matter to see if it can help salvage the suffering of the poor and vulnerable masses.

We also call on those who are well off to be helpful to those who cannot afford the cost of sugar and other basic commodities. Let the wealthy consider the poor and needy at all times, especially during difficult moments.

"Blessed are the merciful:for they shall obtain mercy."

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