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Prevention is better than cure

Aug 24, 2011, 1:36 PM

It is high time now for people to start engaging themselves in regular physical exercise, as this is good for their health.

They must also to start practicing good healthy lifestyle behaviors, as this would help them to a great extent in the prevention and control of certain serious health complications at an early age of their lives like diabetes, hypertension, obesity among others.

One of the reasons why most of the people are being confronted with certain illness today is due to our dieting system, as some will prefer to eat junk and fatty foods, which are not good for our body, without being engage in any physical activity during the week.

We have observed that nowadays overweight and obesity are becoming a big health problem in the country, which we believe should not be a problem provided that people properly manage their diet.

We know that good nutrition is central in the day to day life of everyone, but it has to be balanced, so that the body can also consume it.

It is time that people begin thinking of consuming our locally-made foods, instead of depending on junk foods or gastric foods which are not in the least good for our health.

The ministry of Health and Social Welfare should also endeavour that proper screening is done of the food vendors before they are being certified to sell foods to the public.

However, the public should also be mindful of the food they eat, as this is for their own safety, to avoid food poisoning and also to avoid other health complications.

For us to protect ourselves from non communicable diseases is not only the responsibility of the Ministry of Health and partners, but instead it should be everyone’s business.

For how long do we want our governments to invest in health if we the people are not applying preventive measures to remedy the situation?

The only way we are keeping ourselves healthy is to engage in regular physical exercise, and avoid eating foods that are unhealthy.

Lets us all work collectively to protect ourselves and children from illness.