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Press Release: Temporary Re-opening of Timber Re-Export Trade

May 9, 2017, 12:33 PM

The Ministry of Environment, Climate Change  & Natural Resources, in consultation with stakeholders, informs  the general  public that the  timber re-export trade that was  suspended  a couple  of months  ago will be temporarily re-opened  for a period of 10 weeks with effect from 15th May 2017,  to evacuate  timber logs that get stranded  in the country at the time of closure.

Affected and concerned businesses are therefore requested to apply for either Wood Re-export Permit or Movement Permit. All applications should be addressed to the Ministry of Environment, GIEPA House, 48 Kairaba Avenue, not later than Friday 12 May 2017 at 4.00pm.

For further information on the eligible criteria for both Movement Permit and Wood Re-export Permit, please visit and/or contact the Ministry of Environment, GIEPA House, 48 Kairaba Avenue on 4399446/ 4399503.

The general is informed that this is meant only to evacuate the stranded timber logs within the country and NOT meant for any new stock.  Thus, anyone caught bringing into the country new logs during this period will face the full force of the law and may have his logs confiscated.

Please note that No applications will be considered after the deadline of 12th May 2017.